“We would highly recommend The Folland Law Group as we have known both Lourie and Brian for over two decades and they are an upstanding; respectable team who will handle your legal needs with the best outcome.”

–  KM


“I first called a family law attorney because I was in desperate need of help with my custody case.  The judge awarded custody to my ex-husband. My ex-husband was using drugs and exposing my son to domestic violence. I did not feel that that was the best place for my son and I tried before without an attorney to regain custody but was unsuccessful. I decided the law firm was the right firm for me because Mr. Folland and his staff were very caring and immediately took action. My favorite thing about working with the law firm was Wendy was very responsive to my emails and text messages. She guided me every step of the way and was always full of good advice. The outcome of this case was that I was awarded sole legal and sole physical custody of my son. Thanks to this outcome, my life finally feels complete. ”

–  ST


“Mr. Folland represented me in a very difficult and long custody and restraining order case. He worked hard throughout all of the unexpected changes and delays until we finally got the result needed to keep my family safe. He is professional, responsive, and cares deeply about getting the best results for his clients. I am forever grateful for his hard work and expertise during a very difficult time. ”

–  MB


“Unfortunately, I have experienced two divorces in my life. But, in each of them, I was able to turn to Brian for calm, sure guidance. Since each of these was a very troubling time for me–for different reasons–his no-nonsense style and knowledge of the law and the system were invaluable. Thank you, Brian!”

–  CB


“Thank you so much for your outstanding work. Mr. Folland is a good attorney who truly cares for his clients best interests. I had a very difficult family law case and he was able to let me see my kids. The Folland law group did an excellent job and I would recommend them to anyone who needs an attorney.”

–  JR


“In my case, I needed immediate action to be done due to me and my children moving to a new county. Because of my current court order, I needed the court’s permission in order to move with my children. I contacted multiple attorneys around Fresno regarding this matter and all of them told me the same thing stating I just simply could NOT move at all or else I would be in contempt. I understood the circumstances, however Brian helped me file an Ex Parte, and it was filed, served and had the court hearing about a week an half later. His paralegal, Elizabeth, kept in great contact with me. Brian was on time for court and thanks to him and his team, the judge granted my ex parte and my children and I were all able to move. Brian was very understanding and willing to work payment arrangements with me. Him and Elizabeth were great.”

–  SM 


“I give my highest recommendation to Brian Folland and the Folland Law Group. They did a great job handling my labor commission case. My overall experience with this firm was very personable, and they were able to accomplish exactly what I needed them to!”

– RS 


“A friend recommended Brian when we were in need of a good family law attorney to tackle a complicated case. Brian is honest, professional, knowledgeable, and he guided us through the entire process. If you need a good attorney, I highly recommend you contact Folland Law Group.”

– CP 


“I was injured in Florida but moved here to California. Brian Folland was extremely helpful in getting my settlement taken care of. Mr. Folland went above and beyond my expectations. I would recommend him to anyone needing a lawyer who will sit down and listen to your concerns and help you with the legal solution to your problem.”

– JD 


“Brian and his staff were amazing. Brian had my best interest at heart the entire time. I am blown away by the caring nature of this entire firm. I had a difficult and stressful case that Brian and his team kindly and patiently walked me through. Many attorneys had not known how to handle my case, Brian did! I am so incredible grateful to have found Folland Law Group, without them I would not have had this issue resolved!

Thank you Brian and your incredible team!!!!”

– JP